Google CEO Breaks Silence on His Vocal-Cord Paralysis


It’s been almost a year since Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt announced that CEO Larry Page would be absent from a number of company events including last year’s annual meeting because he had lost his voice. On the heels of the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs in 2011, Page’s mysterious absence rattled Silicon Valley, stirring up speculation over whether Google was hiding an ailing CEO.

But Page allayed concerns over his health Tuesday afternoon, when he took to Google+ to explain why he  and Google  remained silent for so long. As Businessweek reports, Page wrote about his struggle with a strained-voice condition that began 14 years ago when a cold ultimately left him with paralysis in his left vocal cord. Doctors never identified a cause, but the condition left him with a fainter voice  nothing that could hinder him from running one of the world’s…

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